Who doesn’t just love the colours of Autumn, definitely my favourite colours, I love the change from summer to autumn, the promise of cooler weather and winter on the horizon (so I like cooler weather ?) 
The magical colours that Mother Nature throws down as a blanket when the trees drop their summer wear, ready to hibernate, is just awesome and has inspired the colours for my dream catcher.

Materials & Tools:

  • Powertex Terracotta
  • Powertex Bronze
  • Easy Coat Glossy
  • Powercolour: Titanium White, Turquoise, Red Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Orange, Mocha
  • Colourtrix: Rich Gold, Copper, Terragreen, Magic Orange
  • Gloves, Brushes, Skewer
  • Plastic Bowls

STEP 1: Bronze Up

  • Ensure you stir your Terracotta & Bronze Powertex well before use
  • Paint all the MDF shapes with Powertex Terracotta (front & back) and the chipboard embellishments in Powertex Bronze, leaving to dry on each side before doing the other side.

STEP 2: Colour Up

  • Colour up the MDF Dream Catcher using a blend of the colours
  • Colour all the pieces by pouring a little Easycoat onto Alfoil, adding small amounts of each pigment to different sections.
  • Do not soak the brush in Easycoat, you require it wet but not soaked to make the blends.
  • Dab a small of Titanium White with your Mocha to lighten then add a small amount of Red Ochre, this is just to get the Autumn leaf effect.
  • The green/blue look is achieved by blending a really small amount of Titanium White with Turquoise.
  • Think of Autumn leaf colours and be inspired to use several of the colours listed together to get the ageing, drying leaf look.
  • Going over each area with different shades of colour, some mixed over the layers while the first colour was still drying, gave it a really great autumn look.

STEP 3: Bring it all together & String it Up

  • Drill small holes into the MDF bits if you intend to use them as bits hanging from the end of the string
  • I used some paper green string I had in my stash, it just seemed to go well with the colours.
  • Remember you can use real feathers as well, the only limit is your imagination (or what’s in your craft stash ?)

I really hope you enjoyed Autumn Dreams,
This is a super easy project and a lovely gift to give…
I’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change colour and dropping from the
trees so I can pick them up and press in a book for another project!
Keep cool & Warm Hugs