The word mandala is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, meaning circle or centre. With circular patterns representing life and growth, they’re found almost everywhere: in nature, contemporary design, science, and psychological and spiritual study. 
A mandala is an ancient symbol of wholeness, integration and transformation.  Today, this art form endures as a tool for expressing the essence of our creativity.” 
This is my Autumn Mandala creation…

I hope you will have as much fun as I did!



  • Autumn Mandala kit
  • Powertex Black, Red, Green, Yellow
  • Colourtrix Rich Gold
  • Easycoat Glossy
  • Small dream catcher
  • String & scissors 
  • Beads
  • Rope & small piece of wire
  • Sponge & 4 plastic plates
  • Plastic bowl 

STEP 1: Preparation

Drill 4 holes on the bottom of your Mandala. Shake and stir Powertex Black very well before use. Pour Powertex onto a plate and use the sponge to paint both sides of MDF board as well as the little dream catcher. Do one side first and leave to dry, then do other side.

Step 2: Making the Tree

Cut six pieces of rope about 50cm long to make a tree. Use a piece of wire to tie around the bottom of all the pieces of rope about 5cm from the bottom and then twist the rope to create a tree trunk. Spread the branches over the MDF board to get an idea of how you want the tree to look. Once you are happy follow the next steps…

STEP 3: Attach the Tree to your Mandala

Undo the rope but keep the piece of wire tied onto the rope to keep your spacing. Pour Powertex Black into a bowl and dip the string into the Powertex and then massage it through the fibres. Once coated twist the rope and drape it onto the MDF Board.

Use the short pieces for the roots, spreading them evenly on the bottom, making sure you don’t cover the holes for the string. Cut the excess branches off and leave to dry. Use Powertex Black and stick the small dream catcher on the MDF board between the branches. Leave everything to dry completely. 

STEP 4: Embellish the Tree

Use Colourtrix Rich Gold and Easycoat glossy to embellish the whole tree and the inside of the dream catcher.

STEP 5: Painting Autumn Colours

While you’re waiting for step 3 to dry. Pour Powertex Green, Red and Yellow onto the plastic plates and cover them with plastic to prevent drying out. Start with the green and dab the sponge over all the MDF leaves – you still want to see some black coming through. Do both sides (working under a fan will speed up the drying process). Rinse the sponge after every colour that you use. Use now Powertex Red and do this process all over. Leave to dry. Finally, Powertex Yellow will bring that Autumn feeling to the leaves as the colours blend into each other.


STEP 6: Adding your Leaves

I used Powertex Green and Yellow to paint the beads and then put them aside to dry. Cut the sting into different lengths so that they hang uneven. Tie the leaves onto the string by spacing the beads between them. Use the left over Powertex and paint the back of the MDF Mandala board the same as the leaves (it will dry pretty quickly).

STEP 7: Finishing Touches

Use the left-over leaves and nuts to finish decorating your Mandala. Use some string and beads to create a hanging hook that matches the leaves hanging on the bottom. Add some more colour, for example I used Powertex Red and coloured the rim of the small dream catcher. Bring it all together by tying the string onto the bottom of the MDF Board and VOILA IT’S DONE.

I had so much fun designing this Autumn Mandala and I am really happy with the end result
Enjoy the ride…