Blogpost and Artwork by Erika Venter

​The inspiration theme for this month is a Chinese Dragon and this awesome MDF Dragon kit is now available from Powertex Australia. Get your kit today and let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year this February. I had so much fun planning this Dragon… this is how I created it…


  • Dragon MDF Kit
  • Powertex Red, White & Black
  • Stone Art/3DFlex
  • Masking tape
  • Spacers (Cork spacers)
  • Paint roller, Pallet Knife, Paint brush, Plastic cups & Glass eyes

Step 1. Put the dragon pieces together by doing the following:
Place a strip of Masking tape over the one side of the back piece as well as the front piece. Mix a small amount of Powertex Black with Stone Art or 3DFlex in a plastic cup with a spatula. Use a Pallet Knife and apply it to the joined sections of MDF shapes, on the side opposite to the masking tape, to make them stick together. Leave it to dry completely.

Pour Powertex Black onto a Plastic plate and use the roller to paint the one side off all the Dragon MDF pieces. Let it dry completely. I used a roller because it covered the MDF quickly and you use less Powertex. It also prevents the paint getting brush marks. Once the first side is dry turn it over and pull the piece of Masking tape off. Paint the other side of the MDF dragon also in Powertex Black. Leave to dry completely. 

Step 2. Paint Pouring with Powertex
I thought I wanted to try something different this time just to show how versatile Powertex is and that the sky is the limit. I used two thin plastic cutting boards and put them together with masking tape to create a big enough space to do a paint pour. Firstly, I drew the top piece of the MDF dragon onto the plastic to get the lines where to pour the Powertex. Since the theme is a Chinese Dragon, I thought Powertex Red and white would be good colours to use. Pour a half cup Powertex Red and a half cup White into 2 plastic cups.  On the side place four empty plastic cups upside down to use later. Start with the white and pour the Powertex White over the Dragon, make sure it goes a bit over the edges to cover the edges. Now use Powertex Red and pour it gently over the white (like dripping sauce over food).

Take the top piece of the MDF board and place it over the Powertex and press onto it and give it a little twist. Gently lift the MDF board from the plastic and place it onto the four plastic cups so that the excess paint can drip off. Wow it looks amazing I love this effect. I then used some of the accessories and dipped them as well, then let them dry off. 

  • Step 3. 
    Use the roller and paint the head piece, wing and flames with Powertex Red. Give the inside of the dragon piece another cote Powertex Black and let it all dry. Also paint the whiskers and off cuts of the flames with Powertex black. Let all pieces dry completely. ent.
  • Use a hairdryer to speed up drying.

Step 4. 
When all pieces are dry it’s time to put our Chinese Dragon together.
Turn the front piece of the dragon over and stick your spacers on with the left over Powertex black. Give it a couple of minutes to dry. Place a drop of paint onto the spacers and turn it around and stick it onto the back piece of the dragon.

Step 5. 
Use the left over Powertex Red and stick all the rest of the pieces on.

Step 6. 
Mix the left over Powertex Red and White together. Use a bit of Stone Art or 3DFlex and make a soft clay. I used little flowers from my chippy stash and painted them black. Make the clay into two little balls then stick the MDF flower on and finally use a drop of Powertex to glue the eyes on. I then used a bit of Powertex on the back of the clay balls to glue them onto the face of the dragon

Dragon Horoscope for 2020
2020 will be peaceful and calm year for those born in the Year of the Dragon. You will get along well with your colleagues in the workplace.
Happy New Year
This was so much fun and I loved my end result!

This Chinese Dragon project will allow you to make use of a variety of techniques using Powertex & 3DFlex or Stone Art.
Join me on my creative journey with Powertex…
Don’t forget to post your projects in the Powertex Australia group on Facebook… I would love to see them!
Enjoy the ride