What is Easy 3DFlex… How do I use it?

Easy3DFlex is an incredible NEW medium that can be used to create AMAZING textural effects in your artwork. It is an inorganic filling compound, which comes as a powder. Mixed with Powertex, it makes a thick sculpting clay that air dries and gets rock hard. The medium will develop cracks when it is applied in thick layers and exposed to heat (such as the sun) or by adding water or Bister to the surface. The thick sculpting paste can also be stamped to achieve detailed prints, using various items such as rope, screws, buttons & stencils… If desired, cracks can be avoided by applying the Easy3Dflex in thin layers, with drying time in between, or by adding a small amount of white sand. It can also be used to thicken acrylic paint to achieve superb textural effects in painting. This product is natural and non-toxic, but can dry out the skin. We recommend using gloves. Imported from Powertex International, Belgium.