Artwork & Blogpost by Natalie Parish, Bag End Studio, QLD

Something Blue

Whilst the November Theme was Naughty, I surprisingly ended up being Nice. Originally, I wanted to make the corset into an envelope holder to store important upcoming bills because I often put money in my brassier. It’s a safe place right. However, as I was running behind schedule and Erika had finished her gorgeously Naughty Moulin Corset, I felt another colour was needed. I jumped to white and the idea of a wedding corset quickly followed. In the end, my artwork ideas came together with a bit of inspiration from a very familiar wedding adage from the 1890s: 
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

​So, in keeping with my adage, I used some old lace pants, on a new MDF design board and as my blog was terribly late I wrote it on borrowed time and adding the blue brought the whole piece together.
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset


  • Corset MDF Cut Outs – NB. I didn’t use the Designer Mat or the stencil in the kit
  • Powertex Universal Medium. Colour of your choice. I used bronze
  • Stone Art 
  • Easy Coat Varnish – Glossy 
  • Powercolour of choice. I used Titantium White & Light Blue
  • Colourtrix of choice. I used White Silver, Blue Lustre and Pearl Red. 
  • Triangle Hook for hanging.

From your useful box: 

  • An old pair of lace shorts  or other bits of lace
  • Paper & Fabric Flowers
  • Beads, stick on pearls, little pegs


  • Mixing Bowl 
  • Paint Brushes (one for Powertex and one for pigment colours) 
  • Lids for Palette (or alfoil)
  • Palette Knife, skewers, flat spatula, modelling tool
  • Washing up Container for cleaning
  • Gloves, Chux Cloth, Paper towel 
  • Gladwrap (to wrap Stone Art and to cover opened Powertex bottles) & Air-tight container to store clay.  


Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
  • Collect the necessary Powertex products, equipment and bits from your useful box.
  • Set up plastic workspace area.  
  • Cut out lace pieces and make ready to Powertex. 
  • I decided on a symmetrical theme for the front bodice section. I laid out my design on one of the front sections so that I could copy it onto the blank piece once I started powertexing.


Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
  • Seal the backs of all the MDF corset pieces 
  • Seal the MDF corset pieces, by applying Powertex with a paint brush. 
  • Seal the small pegs with Powertex and peg them to a piece of plastic to avoid them sticking together.
  • A hairdryer can be used to speed up drying at any stage.
  • I used both a dip and paint brush method for applying the lace to the MDF boards. 
  • For the larger pieces of lace, using gloved hands, dip one end of the fabric into the bowl and massage the Powertex in to acquire full coverage without being too wet and shiny. Then lay it out flat onto the MDF using a paint brush.
  • For the flowers, paint the pieces in your gloved hand before applying to the MDF Corset front and touch up once in position.


Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
    • Pour a small amount of Easy Coat Glossy Varnish into a lid or alfoil palette. 
    • Palette out the matt Powercolours & metallic Colourtrix pigments of your choice.
    • With a very dry brush take up a small amount of the Glossy Easy Coat Varnish onto the brush tips and criss-cross your brush onto the palette to load the varnish into your brush. 
    • Pick up a small amount of the pigment and criss-cross your brush with it into the palette to create a paint. Repeat process using colours as desired.
    • Note: – I used White Titantium and Light Blue Powercolours first for a strong base colour and then White Silver and Blue Lustre Colourtrix over the top to add sparkle. Love to Layer.


Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
  • In a bowl with a medium amount of grey Powertex Universal Medium (approx. 1/4 cup), add Stone Art (approx. 1/4 cup) and mix with a flat spatula.
  • Keep adding small handfuls of Stone Art until it forms a kneadable dough like mixture that no longer sticks to the bowl or your gloves. Remove the sticky ball and add a little more Stone Art to the bowl to ‘flour’ the ball. Knead well until the clay can be pushed into a textured surface and be removed again without sticking.
  • Keep the clay ball wrapped in glad wrap to prevent hardening until use.
  • Left over clay can wrapped in wet chux, glad-wrapped and stored in an airtight container.


Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
  • Take a very small portion of your pre-made clay and create a square to lay the base of the triangle hook into. 
  • Using a little bit of Powertex, on the underside of the clay as a glue, place the clay square in the centre of the back of the base MDF. 
  • Press triangle hook down into the clay square to secure and cover the hook’s base with clay making sure that the hook can still swing free.
  • Splay sides of the clay square to improve attachement to MDF.
  • Take a portion of your clay and roll out two long but thin sausage shapes that will fit along the base and underside of each of the front bodice sections. 
  • Using a larger portion roll out a long thick (4 times bigger) sausage shape. Divide into two equal pillars.  Divide those portions into two but not in half – 2/3 pillar and a 1/3 pillar.
  • Shape the pillars slightly to broaden the tops and bases to increase adhesion surface area.
  • Place the longest pillars (2/3 size) onto the Back Bodice MDF closer to the top.
  • Place the shortest pillars (1/3 size) onto the Back Bodice almost half- way down.
  • Test position.
  • Once happy it will sit right. Place a little Powertex on both sides of all clay sausages/pillars to assist with adhesion.
  • Gently press shapes together focusing on clay points of attachment.
  • Make four more sausages to attach the little pegs to the dangle attachments. Apply a small amount of Powertex to improve adhesion and mould sides to keep a clean finish. Leave overnight to dry.


Naughty but Nice Blue Corset
  • Touch up pillars and clay sections with colour pigments to finish off your artwork.
  • Attach the dangles with wire or chain jump rings.
  • Lace up the corset front.
  • Note: It takes 3 weeks for your Powertex products to fully harden and cure. So I always wait that time before hanging. 
Congratulations you’re finished.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  
See you next month with some Christmas Inspiration!
Bag End Studio, QLD
Naughty but Nice Blue Corset