Powerprint is  an effective laser print transfer medium that transfers images from a laser printer or photocopier to canvas, wood, paper, ceramic, cardboard, fabric, metal and Powertex treated surfaces. Imported form Powertex International Belgium.

Transfer Process Using Powerprint:

1. Print

Print your chosen picture with a laser printer or a laser copy machine. Always copy or print your photos or texts mirrored. Choose an 80 gsm normal paper, not glossy or photo paper.

2. Cut

Cut or tear out the image you wish to use. Place it face down in the place where you want to transfer and trace around the edges with a pencil on a white and dry surface.

3. Support

When working on canvas, place a book or wood underneath the surface for support. When transferring to fabric: use a staple gun to stretch and fix the fabric to a board covered in plastic.

4. Apply

Work quickly to apply Powerprint evenly with a brush onto the canvas or other surface. Attempt to stay within the marked pencil lines. Then apply a layer of Powerprint evenly to the image side of the copy.

5. Laser print

Place the laser print face down on the marked place of your artwork

6. Rub paper

Use an old shopping card to rub the paper into the surface ensuring there are no trapped air bubbles and that the corners are well adhered. Wipe any excess Powerprint away with a damp sponge as you work so that it doesn’t go onto the back of the paper (which will make the paper harder to remove)

7. Dry

Dry the image for at least 10 minutes with a hair dryer, this is important for a successful transfer. Leave to cool before you begin the next step.

8. Roll of the paper

Gently roll off the paper with a damp chux wipe so that only ink remains in the waterproof Powerprint.

9. Easy Coat

To finish, apply a thin layer of Easy Coat Glossy or Matt on the image transfer – if it was a little milky, the haze will disappear. NB. Easy Coat Glossy is waterproof… Matt is not…

10. Outdoor use

For outdoor use apply two extra coats of Easy Varnish.