Artwork & Blogpost by Erika Venter, QLD

The inspiration theme for this month is Steampunk and the kit is a Dragonfly which is now available from powertex…
I was super excited to get started!


  • MDF Dragonfly kit
  • Powertex Bronze 500g
  • White Paper Deco 
  • Easycoat mat
  • Colourtrix (colours of choice)
  • Cogs, Gears and clock chippy shapes
  • Gemstones, old jewellery & chain
  • Paintbrush
  • Steampunk eyes.
Steampunk Dragonfly
Steampunk Dragonfly
Steampunk Dragonfly

Step 1:
Stir & shake Powertex Bronze well before use, assemble and paint the MDF Dragonfly. Use bigger gears and stick them with Powertex onto the middle of the body to hold everyting together. To create some texture measure and fit Paper deco onto the wings and tail. Spray mist the Paper Deco with water and tease it apart – don’t make it too wet.

Steampunk Dragonfly

Step 2:
It’s now time to use your imagination and play around with all the bits and pieces. My idea for the Dragonfly was to make it look like the whole body is driven by gears, chains, a compas for direction and the clock faces represent it flying in time. I imagined how the whole component would work – lighting up with gemstones and sparkly eyes.

Steampunk Dragonfly

Step 3:
I draped the chain in between and around the gears on the wings and also on the tail. Using Powertex Bronze to secure every piece on the wings and the tail. Then left it to dry completley.

Steampunk Dragonfly
Steampunk Dragonfly
Step 4:
I enjoy the Colourtrix metallic pigments so much and it’s always really hard to decide what colour scheme to use… I love the Colourtrix Magic Blue and used that as my base colour mixed with Easycoat mat and covered the whole Dragonfly with it. I then used Colourtrix Magic Purple to highligt some areas on the wings and tail. Colourtrix Bronze Gold and Clear Gold were used for the final ​touches.
Step 5:
Use Easycoat mat to glue the gemstones, eyes and clocks onto the wings and tail. Your Steampunk Dragonfly is now ready to hang it up where everybody will admire it.
Steampunk Dragonfly
Steampunk Dragonfly

This was so much fun and I love my end result!
This Steampunk Dragonfly project will allow you to make use of a variety of techniques using Powertex, Paper deco, Colourtrix and Easycoat Mat.
​Join me on my creative journey with Powertex
Enjoy the ride

Steampunk Dragonfly