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The feature kit for August is a Steampunk Gecko which is now available from Powertex Australia. I had so much fun creating this little creature! This is one of the must have kits because you can make a whole range for your outdoor area. This is how I created my Gecko.


MDF Gecko kit; Easy3DFlex; Stone Art; Powertex Ultimate Medium Yellow, Blue & Transparent; 3D Sand and Balls; Stencils of your choice & Easy Structure

Styrofoam sheet, Styrofoam ball, Sandpaper, Stanley knife/scroll saw, Pallet knife, skewers, rope, paper to create the skin, Containers for mixing & masking tape


Steampunk Firefly

Trace the body of the Gecko onto the Styrofoam. Use a Stanley knife to carve the shape out of the Gecko – I used my scroll saw first and then shaped the edges with a Stanley knife, then I smoothed the edges with  fine sandpaper and it worked very well. Use some masking tape and put the MDF board and Styrofoam shapes together. I then painted a layer of Powertex Yellow onto the MDF Gecko and stuck the Styrofoam shape onto the wet Powertex. Set aside to dry.



Mix Stone Art and Powertex Yellow to form a clay, then break the clay up and roll 10 little balls of the same size. I used the rest of the clay and rolled it in longer pieces one for each toe. Use Powertex Yellow and paint each foot as you go. Place the longer rolled out Stone art on teach foot and shape it with a skewer or a clay tool to meet up with the beginning of the Styrofoam leg. Use the balls to make a toenail and press the skewer into the clay. Smooth the whole foot by dipping the clay tool into a bit of water and bring everything together. Use the skewer to create some texture on the foot.



Cut the Styrofoam ball in half to create the eyes. I used the half-shaped Styrofoam balls as a template and drew the size of the eyes on the head, then used a Stanley knife to carve the shape out deep enough for the balls to fit in. Paint the whole Gecko with Powertex Yellow and leave to dry completely.

Paint the two half balls with Powertex Yellow and cover with 3D Sand and Balls. Let it dry and paint a layer of Powertex black over it. (you might need to do a second coat with the Powertex black.

Step 4.


This Gecko kit also has some lovely gears and other chippy shapes for you to use but I found this lovely packing paper and the moment I saw it I knew what I was going to use it for. It is the most awesome paper that I ever have seen or used. When stretched it forms texture in different directions, depending on how you pull it. I thought that this would be perfect to create the skin of my Gecko. I used some Powertex Blue and painted the paper all over. The one thing that was so amazing is that the paper stuck onto my messy mat and it actually dried stretched. I was so happy with that outcome!

 I then placed the paper onto my Gecko and cut out the shape that I want for the body. Use Powertex Transparent and paint a layer onto the Gecko’s body and stick the skin on. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes or if you are in a hurry use a hairdryer to dry it.



Mix about 750g of Easy3DFlex and Powertex Yellow to form a soft clay.  Paint the hollow eyes with Powertex Yellow and place the two Styrofoam eyes in place make sure that is sits in the right position. Use the Easy3DFlex clay and press some around the eyes to secure them. Cover the tail, upper legs, and head and around the body. Make sure that you blend the edge of the paper in with the Easy3DFlex clay. NB. Remember to paint the body first before applying the 3D Flex clay! I used a piece of rope to texture the clay on his tail and upper legs. I found a nice stencil and used it for the texture on his face and it worked perfectly.

I left my Gecko to dry in the sun so that the Easy3DFlex can crack, then used Easycoat Glossy with Rich Gold metallic pigment to embellish the eyes.



On the back of the Gecko I Painted the MDF Shape with Powertex Yellow and attached the latches. I mixed Powertex Blue with Easy Structure and created texture with the same stencil that I used for his face. I left it to dry and then painted another layer of Yellow over it.

This Gecko project uses a variety of techniques incorporating Powertex Liquid Sculpting Medium, Easy Structure, 3D Sand and Balls, Stone Art, Easy3DFlex, Easycoat Glossy and beautiful metallic pigments.

You will LOVE this project… Try it TODAY!

Join me on my creative journey with Powertex
Enjoy the ride……