Become a Powertex Trainer o Stockist


Powertex Australia is building a team of vibrant, creative people who LOVE Powertex and the possibilities of this ‘must have’… cutting edge… Art Medium for Painting, Sculpture & Mixed Media.

Become a FULLY Qualified Certified Powertex Trainer with the Australian Importer, Ashley Bowley, at the Powertex Australia Studio in Safety Bay, WA.

Only Distributers, Trainers & Stockist who are Trained or Certified by Ashley Bowley will be listed on the Powertex Australia website

We are happy to speak with independent Art & Craft retailers, who are willing to work within their designated post code area; be trained to use the products to their true potential; promote & run regular workshops
to their clientele; hold a reasonable stock level and honour local trainers discount rates.

W​e are also keen to speak to individuals who can fulfil all of the above but do not have a ‘brick & mortar’ shop.

There are also places for people who want to deliver workshops in their local area occasionally, but want to do that with the confidence that they are trained & supported by us…
That’s fine too!!!’ 

If you’re interested in exploring this opportunity further please apply in the first instance by filling out the online form, telling us about yourself, your art experience and why you feel Powertex is for you!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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